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Photo of Owner, Misty Foxley. Woman with medium length dark brown hair, wearing a white shirt, grey cardigan, and holding her signature teal framed eyeglasses.

Our Story

Misty Foxley, Managing Owner of Total Clean Freaks, practically grew up in her father’s small-town family shoe store. She has fond memories of working many summers beside him, making people happy by fitting them up with their new favorite pair of shoes. 


Today, she is offering people something better - something everyone loves to come home to - a freshly cleaned home. 


Her passion goes further than cleaning, believing that people always come before business. She’s committed to delighting clients with a cleaning service they love, while at the same time providing a business that her employees love to be a part of. 

Our Team

Our Cleaning Pros treat your home like their own.

Because we send the same Cleaning Professional to service your home each visit, they come to know the unique needs of your home, giving you peace of mind, knowing you can count on the same quality result, just as you like it, each time. 


We screen, qualify, bond and insure our cleaning techs.

Before they are sent into a new client’s home, they are given personal, one-on-one professional training and have fulfilled a specific amount of training hours in practice homes. Plus, we offer ongoing support, training, and feedback to continue improving their expertise and efficiency. Their training and experience make them some of the best trained and most efficient cleaning pros in the industry.  

Photo of Misty Foxley in a white collared shirt, standing between two Cleaning Techs, each wearing a TCF uniform.
Bright Room Decor

Our Mission & vision

We give every home a five star clean. Every. Single. Clean.


We understand that a clean home is a healthy home; refreshing, renewing, and restoring order, while lightening the burden of everyday living.


We strengthen our local communities by making life a little easier for busy families, hard working business execs, hustling entrepreneurs, and retirees.


We give back by teaming with charitable organizations, donating our services to community members in need. 

Our Values

Cleaning Tech professional, posing with supplies.

Our People

Our team members are our VIPs. They are empowered personally and professionally through phenomenal ongoing training and support. They are compensated fairly with generous incentive pay. We strive for a positive and caring work culture.

Senior Couple

Our Communities

We believe that serving the community helps lift both the giver and the receiver, while also quietly strengthening the community. Through our affiliation with local charitable non-profit organizations, we donate our services to community members in need. 

Happy Family

Our Clients

We aim to satisfy and delight our clients fully. We understand that a well cleaned & sanitized home is safer and healthier. It can also energize and cheer up the day, as well as free up time for more meaningful activities. 

Cleaning Tech professional, cleaning a window with spray and a microfiber cloth

Our Products

We use products that are safe for people, pets, and earth-sustainability. We use EPA approved sanitizing products and follow safety standards for our cleaning pros and clients. 

2 Cleaning Pros, housekeepers
Total Clean Freaks Logo

Once you start using a professional cleaning service that you can trust and rely on, you will never look back! 

Give us a call or text: 571-606-8973

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