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Want to work with us?

We are always looking for top-notch people to join our team. 

At Total Clean Freaks, we value our people. Everyone says that - we mean it. We believe all humans should be treated fairly, be given equal opportunity to succeed, and be compensated for their performance. 


We believe in closing the wage-gap.

Women have the right to make the same pay as men in this or similar industries, and commit to not only do our part to close the wage-gap, but provide continued support, training, and financial incentives to those willing to seize the opportunities.


Cleaning houses is hard work, we’re not going to pretend it isn’t.

But if you’re up for the challenge, and are truly passionate about helping your community grow healthier and wealthier, we can’t wait to meet you.

We Deliver.

We do what we promise and commit to do, even when no one is watching.

One Team, One Dream.

We work together to provide exceptional service for every client.

We Care.

Observe. Listen. Understand. Assist. Remember The Golden Rule.

Seriously Fun.

Life is amazing. We should enjoy (almost) every second of it. Make it a great day. 

We Accept.

We respect the dignity of every person and respect every home we enter.

We Love What We Do.

Our passion for cleaning energizes us and makes a difference in the lives of others. 

On The Dot.

We follow “Lombardi Time.”

We Balance.

Work time. Family time. Self time. Community time.

We are growing thanks to our amazing staff! 

We are looking for an energetic, ambitious and dynamic Residential Cleaner willing to make up to $650 per week + Tips! We have become one of THE BEST cleaning services in Fauquier, Rappahannock, and Culpeper counties and we're looking for great people who are Caring, Cheerful, Committed, and Energetic! We're NOT looking for experience (but of course we value experience). We're looking for friendly, good-natured people who like active work and possess an open mind and a willingness to learn our professional cleaning methods.

We'll set you up step-by-step, from day one, with detailed training, lots of hands-on instruction, and demonstration. You'll experience plenty of company/employee support, so you'll be sure to gain confidence and succeed. Our workplace environment is friendly, fun, and professional. We are organized. Our employees receive steady, daily support. The cleaning we do is ENJOYABLE. We clean nice homes. With friendly clients. Their furry pets love us (and we bring them treats!)

Please note! Our Office is located in Warrenton, VA and our Service Areas are these areas only : All of Fauquier County, including Warrenton, Marshall, Amissville, Jeffersonton, Rixeyville, Hume, The Plains, Broad Run, Midland, Bealeton, & Catlett.

Here are a few reasons you'll love working with us:

  • We respect the work-life balance with NO weekends or evenings, ever!

  • A gasoline subsidy fee is paid per week, per job. Our business and our clients pay for the hike in gas prices so our employees don't have to.

  • Holidays off (spend them with your family and friends).

  • Accrued paid time off, 5 days annually.

  • Excellent, ongoing professional training (become a true cleaning PRO).

  • Professional work environment with top-notch team members (we honestly have a great time together and hire only those who fit our work culture).

  • High pay with incentives and bonuses (with bonuses and tips included, we get at least one employee per month making over $900/week).

  • Cleaning solo sometimes, cleaning with a partner or team at other times. Getting assigned to specific clients - for all their recurring cleans.

  • All-natural cleaning products, with no harsh chemicals, making a healthy work environment (so you don't feel sick working all day around those strong-smelling cleaning products).

  • Outfitting you with the best towels on the market, super lightweight, powerful vacuums, and a variety of cleaning tools so your job is made easier.

  • Outfitting you with a week's worth of brand new, good-looking, sweat-wicking polos and a work jacket.

At Total Clean Freaks, we are partners with "Cleaning for a Reason." A non-profit organization that cleans homes free of charge for cancer patients. We love giving back to our community members who are courageously fighting cancer. Our employees work for pay but our company donates the service.


We look forward to meeting YOU!

Details about the job:

  • Monday - Friday, with varied daily hours between 8:00AM and 5:00PM (Daily schedules vary: some days start after 8AM and/or end before 5PM.) NO weekends. NO evenings, ever.

  • Driving required to/from two appointments per day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Must have a valid Driver's License and sole use of a vehicle.

  • Full time work - sometimes with team members, sometimes solo cleaning. (Part time work is also available on a set schedule--cannot be a varying schedule).

  • Detailed training from day one. Ongoing support & training for all employees. Learn to clean like a PRO. (NOT your mother's cleaning!)

  • Beautifully branded uniform shirts, jackets, tools, equipment, & all-natural cleaning products supplied.

  • Cleaning nice homes, for nice people. Recurring clients are serviced by the same TCF Cleaning Pro each time. (They become "your" client.)

  • Often cleaning homes with friendly pets--our cleaning pros enjoy other people's pets. (NOTE: We do not clean litter boxes or pet waste--only pet hair.)


  • Valid Driver's License, along with sole use of a vehicle, all day

  • Must be able to speak clearly understandable English

  • Must be willing to take a background criminal check

  • Smartphone required (this is to use our awesome work app, which directs you to all the job locations, provides clear work instructions for that client's home, etc.)

  • No pet allergies. 4 out of 5 homes have pets! They are often the reason we are needed for cleaning. 

  • Smokers/vapers: must be able to go 4 hours without smoking/vaping and not smell of smoke on the job. (The majority of our clients are non-smoking.)

Interested In Working with us?

Fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you soon about the next steps!

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