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  • Misty Foxley

Clean Like the Pros: Magic Little Brushes

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The proper tools make the work lighter and easier, and this little investment makes cleaning those hard-to-get places faster and more efficient. These are places where water lurks and mold and mineral deposits begin to multiply.

Don’t be fooled! This isn’t a toothbrush!

It is a little cleaning brush with much stronger nylon bristles. It’s perfect for getting into those tight crevices, like the base of your bathroom sink faucet, or around the edges of your tub drain, or the hinges on your toilet seat.

You’ll need THREE brushes to prevent cross-contamination--one for the kitchen sink area, and two for the bathrooms (designate one exclusively for the toilets.) We use three colors--red for toilets, blue for the rest of the bathroom, and white for the kitchen.

Where can you find these little brushes?

Since these are not easy to find, here are a couple of options:

OXO Cleaning Brush:

Speed Cleaning Brush Set (these are the brushes we use in your home!):

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